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Full Name: - Shivam Hemant Dandgavhal
Date of Birth: - 16th April 1999
Age:- 20 years
Email: - [email protected]
Nationality :- Indian

Shivam Dandgavhal

- Online Portfolio

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Aim :- To become a perfect gentlemen suited and equipped for modern world. To serve the humanity and elevate average human lifestyle while being resourceful and innovative.

About Me


A  Geeky 20 y/0 Engineer, born and raised in India. To describe myself , I’ll be a energetic, enthusiastic, humble and a jolly fellow who is a philosopher, writer and a WorkAholic Genie ! My current interests are research activities in Manufacturing, Management, Optimization, Micro electro-mechanical systems, Sports Automobiles, Digital Marketing, Blogging, Content Management and Editing etc. I’ve been a speaker at several international conferences and seminars. I aim to dominate corporate world and lead a top level management team of a Multinational Fortune 500 company.

Strength:- Intuition, Perception, Modesty, WorkAholic, Intellect, Decision Making Power, Conviction, Speed, Resources, Professional Contacts, Parents, Teachers, Family and Friends.

Weakness:- Overthinking, Overexerting and Overdoing things

Shivam Dandgavhal

— An Engineer

You have achieved 50 % of your goal when you realize that only you control your own destiny.

— Shivam Dandgavhal

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta [ IIM-C ]

PhD in Strategic Management

Incoming Student 2020 Batch 
Academic Session Starting from July
Completion Year :- 2025


K. K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education

B.E Mechanical Engineering

University:- Savitribai Phule Pune University

Completion Year : – 2020

Result in CGPA : – Currently Appeared


K. K Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik

Post SSC 3 Years Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

University:- M.S.B.T.E

Completion Year : – 2017

Result:- 90.35 Percentage

Focus on giving your 100% today. Tomorrow will be ultimately better.

— Shivam Dandgavhal

Projects Performed

Life is Short, don’t waste it in procrastinating, or you’ll regret it later

— Shivam Dandgavhal

Internships and Work Experience


Ring Plus Aqua - A Subsidiary of Raymond Ltd.

Starter Gear Division, Sinnar MIDC

Ring Plus Aqua is a subsidiary of Raymond Ltd. They are leading supplier and manufacturer of Automobile Starter Ring Gears, Flexplates, Pump Bearings etc. for leading automobile companies like BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat, Mazda, Mitsubishi and many more
Internship Duration : – 40 days

Internships and Work Experience

Dhanraj Switch Gears are Major Supplier of Crompton Greaves, ABB and specialize in manufacturing heavy duty power line Switch Gears, Partition Wire Mesh, Sheet metal CNC Panels etc
Internship Duration :- 2 months


Prasanna Engineers

Ambad MIDC, Nashik

Founded in 1988, Prasanna Engineers is a well equipped tool room manufacturing precision metal automotive and medical components. They are supplier to Meril Diagnostics,  Indo Pumps and Seals, ASB International, Transasis Bio Medical etc.
Internship Duration : – 1 month

Talk Less, Listen More, Observe Most

— Shivam Dandgavhal

International Conferences & Guest Lectures Delivered

Your Education is  judged on how well you treat others

— Shivam Dandgavhal

Honors and Achievements

Honors and Achievements

Workshops and Short Term Training Programs Partaken

Tough Times forces you to Push your boundaries and Level up !

— Shivam Dandgavhal

Skill Sets and Softwares Mastered

PTC Creo 100%
WordPress 100%
Search Engine Optimization 80%
Microsoft Office Products 100%
I.O.T Tools 100%

Skill Sets and Softwares Mastered

Ansys Workbench 65%
Data Analysis, Forecasting and Decision Making 80%
Web Designing and Media Editing 100%
Blender 3D Modelling and Animation 65%
Professional Video and Voice-Over Editing 75%
Matlab by Mathworks 60%
Digital Marketing and In-Depth Analysis 90%
All Google Products 95%
Management, H.R and Soft Skills 90%
Plagiarism and Copyrighting 60%

Your Attitude Reflects your Education

— Shivam Dandgavhal


Prof. Dr. Keshav Nandurkar

Principal, KKWagh, Nashik.

 I found Shivam as a very active student having versatile personality. He has good technical background, excellent communication skills and positive attitude. During my tenure in academics for over three decades, I came across very few students who had setup clear goals for their life and had a roadmap prepared for achieving it and Shivam is one of them. 

Prof. Dr Sunil Kute

Dean, KKWagh, Nashik.
Member, Board of Studies. S.P Pune University

Shivam is a young, dynamic and self motivated engineer of new generation. His Credentials are adorned with jewels of stupendous multifaceted performance. His attitude, skills and achievements go hand in hand.

Prof. Milind Murugkar

HOD Mechanical, KKWagh, Nashik.

 If Shivam’s Talent and Creativity impresses you, let me tell you that he shows much more talent and creativity in his projects and other related events and activities. Have a Look at his Impressive C.V and you will be impressed too like me.

Experience, Analysis, Perception and Intuition are the keys to correct decision in any situation

— Shivam Dandgavhal

Recent Blog Posts


My Experience at Ring Plus Aqua

Ring Plus Aqua was one of the most best learning experience in my Life. This internship took take place for around 40 days from 25th April to 20th June 2019. Ring Plus Aqua Aqua is a subsidiary of Raymond Ltd. Automobile Starter Ring Gears are manufactured at Ring Plus Aqua, located at Sinnar MIDC, Nashik


My Experience at Dhanraj Switch Gear

Here, I share my experience at Dhanraj Switch Gear Pvt Ltd. Dhanraj Switch Gears Pvt Ltd (DSPL) are Major Supplier of Crompton Greaves, ABB and specialize in manufacturing heavy duty power line Switch Gears, Partition Wire Mesh, Sheet metals and CNC Panels. DSPL is located in Ambad MIDC in Nashik.

My Experience at Prasanna Engineers

Here I share my Experience of working at a well established Tool room specializing in manufacturing accurate metal components.  Blood Transfusion machine parts, Injection Molding Machine parts, Bolts, studs, Jack Bolts, Plates, Adapters, Holders etc. are some of the products manufactured by the company.

Survival of the fittest is just a cover story, Survival of the slickest is the true reality.

— Shivam Dandgavhal

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