My Experience at Dhanraj Switch Gears Pvt Ltd

My Experience at Dhanraj Switch Gears Pvt Ltd

Dhanraj Switch Gear is a Privately Owned Company located at W- 59, Ambad MIDC, Nashik. Dhanraj Switchgears Private Limited is majorly in Manufacturing (Machinery & Equipments) business from last 11 years and currently, company operations are active. Current board members & directors are Mr. Rajendra Kothawade and Mrs. Anita Kothawade. Dhanraj Switch Gears mainly works in production of Heavy Duty High Power Line Electrical Switch Gears. They are Major Supplier of Crompton Greaves and ABB.

DSPL currently provides products like electric flat cables, fabricated equipment along with parts, Machined Components, Overload Safety Switch, Flat Cables, Elevators, Gas Geyser parts, Festoon System, DSL Systems, Rail Clamping, precision machined as well as coated flat cables.

Apart from these Here’s a list of the services this company offers:

  • Power Operated Manual Punching
  • CNC Punching
  • All Types of Fabrication Services
  • CNC Bending Services
  • Power Operated Manual Bending
  • Electrical Control Panel Accessories
  • Sheet Metal Components
  • Welding Operations etc

My Internship Duration was of around 2 months from May 30th 2018 to July 28th 2018. During this time, I was able to acquire brief knowledge on Working, Fabrication and Assembly, Testing and Quality Control of Electric Switch Gears. Here I present a Brief Overview of Production Process in Company.

Initially, Raw Material in the form of G.I Metal Sheets of different thickness are procured at site. Design Sheet is provided to programmer and then as per the size and requirement, sheet is selected. Programmer generates G-Code from the CAM software which is fed into the CNC Punching machine and sheet metal undergoes punching process. Care is taken that minimum waste is generated and complete utilization of sheet metal takes place. As per the requirement, Punch and Dies of proper size and Shape are fit into the turret of punching machine and then the table holding sheet metal moves in X & Y direction. Thus, the sheet metal is cut, formed and punched in required shape. 2 Fully Automated CNC Punching Machines are available for continuous production at DSPL. Later On, the excess sheet metal and non desired metal parts are removed from sheet manually by workers with help of cutters, pliers and hammers.

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Punched and Processed Sheet Metals are now sent to CNC Bending machines where they are bent to required depth and required Angle. These later take form of CNC Panels. Excess Sheet Metal is now trimmed off at Hydraulic Powered Sheet Metal Cutting Machine. These Sheet Metal Panels are now formed, lanced, drilled, welded together and grinded as per the given design sheet to form Housing of Switch Gear.

At DSPL, Housings of Different Switch Gears namely, 245 LEM, 245 GO, 170KV, 145 KV, 400 KV, 160 KV etc are fabricated. These Housing are inspected for dimensions and to conform with design sheet. Then these housings are stored in warehouse and later sent for Powder Coating to a 3rd Party Company. These Powder Coated Housings are now imported back to site to electrical department. All the Circuitry and Wiring is assembled first as per the Wiring sheet and then assembled to housing. Switches, Sensors, Latches, Remote Monitoring Devices, Relays, Circuits and Entire Control Panel is Assembled, Tested and fixed with the housing. Rubber Lining is also provided to ensure total waterproffing and air tightness. Finally, the Crompton Greaves Logo is attached on to the housing with help of screws and the Switch Gear is ready to dispatch after packing.

To Know the Complete Working of Switch Gear in Action, Please Refer this Blog by Study Electrical Here:- “What is Switchgear? | Features, Components and Classification”

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