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Prof. Dr. Keshav Nandurkar

Principal, KKWagh, Nashik.

 I found Shivam as a very active student having versatile personality. He has good technical background, excellent communication skills and positive attitude. During my tenure in academics for over three decades, I came across very few students who had setup clear goals for their life and had a roadmap prepared for achieving it and Shivam is one of them. 

Prof. Dr Sunil Kute

Dean, KKWagh, Nashik.
Member, Board of Studies. S.P Pune University

Shivam is a young, dynamic and self motivated engineer of new generation. His Credentials are adorned with jewels of stupendous multifaceted performance. His attitude, skills and achievements go hand in hand.

Prof. Milind Murugkar

HOD Mechanical, KKWagh, Nashik.

 If Shivam’s Talent and Creativity impresses you, let me tell you that he shows much more talent and creativity in his projects and other related events and activities. Have a Look at his Impressive C.V and you will be impressed too like me.

Prof. Arun Mohgaonkar

HOD MBA, KKWagh, Nashik.

 Creativity and Hardwork makes Shivam Dandgavhal, a student of Mechanical Engineering, standout among the others. I appreciate his participation in various activities along with academics. 

Dr. Pramod Shahabadkar

Training and Placement Officer, KKWagh, Nashik

 Shivam has been in the top of his class throughout his career, which shows his dedication and discipline towards his duties and this quality is reflected from his profile. I can proudly express that Shivam is an Engineer with very High Potential and Leadership Qualities which makes him an Ideal Graduate Student